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Safety and support for little people when they need it most


SEED identifies the Social, Emotional, Educational and Development needs of children and young people whose lives are impacted by homelessness and domestic and family violence.

Tutoring Programs and Homework Hub

Children who experience domestic violence are nearly 70% more likely to be behind their peers in developmental areas including education, mental health, wellbeing, behaviour and social skills. Our skilled volunteer tutors help kids who have fallen behind at school.

Group Sessions and School Holiday Programs

Group sessions in music, art therapy, social skills, resilience and wellbeing can help kids to recover from trauma and make friends who have had similar experiences.

Our school holiday programs provide kids with physical and creative activities and excursions, as well as family fun days.

Supported Playgroups and Parenting Programs

Our supported playgroups and parenting programs help strengthen parenting skills, confidence and the child-parent bond that is so often fractured by family and domestic violence.

All our SEED programs have a real impact on the lives of vulnerable kids so that they can grow strong and thrive now and into the future.


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