Charlotte Allingham



Limited edition A2 Illustration Art Print by Charlotte Allingham.


From the summer bushfires to the global pandemic, 2020 brought to light the deep rooted and systemic issues our environment and communities face. With disadvantaged communities being most affected by the fires to Aboriginal communities being most at risk of the virus, 2020 unveiled how intergenerational trauma, systemic inequality and racism manifests during times of crisis.


With this being said, 2020 was also one of regrowth and resilience from the land, from communities and from women. A year that captured the power of kinship, and people coming together to advocate for a better world. It is this strength and resilience that Charlotte Allingham's captures in her illustration.


50% of the profits will be donated to an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander organisation of Charlotte's choice.


Here is Charlotte's Instagram and website.