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If you need assistance to access housing, health, welfare or other services, please pop in, or give us a call on 9319 4088.


Women's & Girls' Emergency Centre is a support service for women with or without children who are at risk or experiencing homelessness in the Inner City of Sydney.  

We provide access to basic necessities such as food, material and social assistance, a safe space, and a place to create community. We also provide case management services to assistance women to access housing, medical, drug and alcohol, mental health, legal and other services.

The women we support are predominantly long term homeless women, who have little family and community support. Many of the women have lived transient lifestyles impacted by issues such as domestic violence; history of sexual assault; mental health; drug and alcohol use, and come from a variety of diverse backgrounds.




Case management:
Individual appointments with a Case Manager providing support for obtaining and maintaining housing, advocacy and referral to other services.

Outreach support:
Home visits, support to clients to attend appointments and court support

Day drop in centre:
tea, coffee, breakfast, lunch, locker storage for belongings (limited; temporary), tv/dvd, study facilities, computer access, secure mailing address, phone access, quiet area, safe place to rest, relax be with others or be alone.

Other services:

  • Domestic Violence Support Group
  • Communication Skills Group
  • Legal Clinic
  • Counselling