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Child centred, trauma informed and safe

Children and Families Service

We work to create positive childhood experiences for children and young people affected by domestic and family violence and/or homelessness.

Child Health and Wellbeing

The wellbeing of our children and young people is forefront and centre to our Children and Families Service. Our team works to ensure all our sites are child centred and child safe with the necessary resources and spaces available for kids to thrive.

Caregiver Wellbeing and Psychological Safety

At WAGEC, we use best practice systems and frameworks to inform our work. Our Children and Families Service is:

- Trauma Informed

- Child Centred

- Strengths and Resilience Based

- Culturally Safe and Sensitive

- Clinically Informed

- Informed by WAGEC's Ethical Framework

- Child Safe (Safety and Protection)

SEED Program

The SEED Program identifies the Social, Emotional, Educational and Development needs of children and young people whose lives are impacted by homelessness and domestic and family violence.

This program is for children and young people living in WAGEC's crisis and transitional accomodation sites and unfortunately not available to children and young people in the community.

Community Partnerships

Our Children and Families Service partners with community daycares, schools, health centres, local government councils and other private and public services to ensure the best possible referrals and outcomes for children and young people.

If you are a health or community service in the inner city or inner-west of Sydney and would like to partner to create opportunities for children and young people, get in touch below.

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