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Primary Prevention

Join the movement against gender based violence.

What is Primary Prevention?

The work of primary prevention, or the prevention of violence against women, refers to a range of initiatives aimed at the whole of the population to address the underlying drivers of gender-based violence. Prevention actions include campaigns, training in communities to understand the links between gender inequality and violence and initiatives that challenge violence-supportive attitudes and behaviours.

Literature and Research

WAGEC's primary prevention strategy is informed by Our Watch's Change The Story Framework published in 2015. It outlines five key prevention actions that will reduce violence and the conditions that allow it to happen in the medium to long term.

1. Promote gender equality

2. Empower women and girls

3. Challenge stereotypes and norms

4. Build respectful relationships

5. Challenge violence against women

Education and Training

WAGEC’s prevention activities take a long-term approach to ending gender-based violence and stopping violence from happening in the first place. WAGEC works with business, government and non-government organisations, community leaders, supporters, volunteers and partners to build literacy and an evidence-based understanding about the causes of gender-based violence, exploring what makes healthy relationships and effective techniques for active bystander and ally interventions. Gender-based violence is everybody’s business and the work of challenging and changing it is therefore for everyone.