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We're here for you

Primary Prevention

Stopping violence before it starts.

What is primary prevention?

The work of primary prevention, or the prevention of violence against women, refers to a range of initiatives aimed at the whole of the population to address the underlying drivers of gender-based violence. Prevention work includes campaigns, community training to understand the links between gender inequality and violence, and initiatives that challenge violence-supportive attitudes and behaviours.


Every one of us has the power to question the gender inequalities we see in our everyday lives. That's why we're urging you to #askthequestion:‍ Why is her story never taken seriously? Why didn't he ask if it felt good? Why does Dad always sit at the head of the table? Watch the video series now to learn how you can join the movement to end gender-based violence and how it all comes back to gender equality.


WAGEC works with business, government and non-government organisations, community leaders, supporters, volunteers and partners to build literacy and an evidence-based understanding about the causes of gender-based violence, exploring what makes healthy relationships and effective techniques for active bystander and ally interventions.


At WAGEC, we work with the community, state and local government and private business to advocate for financial independence, housing security and gender equality. Our experience of supporting women and families on the frontline empowers us to create change at a systemic and structural level. We see this work as part of our responsibility in creating safe futures for women and families.


All In is a whole-of-service project designed to empower early childhood staff and families to change gender stereotypes together.

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