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We're Here For You

We're here for you
From this moment and always in the future.


Supporting women exiting prison through access to safe and stable accommodation, as well as holistic wrap around support. Supporting women in building brighter, safer futures.

Introducing FROM NOW...

FROM NOW is WAGEC’s new program, delivered in partnership with Judith Neilson Foundation, that is tailored to meet the needs of women exiting prison, with an emphasis on pregnant women and those with children, so they can build a brighter, safer future together.

The program provides women exiting prison access to safe and stable accommodation, so that they can focus on their health and well-being, access services and support, reconnect with their children and community members and build education and employment pathways.

FROM NOW also provides women with holistic wrap around support through intensive case management, with particular focus on parenting and domestic violence education.

Homelessness is often the biggest hurdle women face when being released from custody, as the support and access to stable and affordable housing is insufficient. People who exit prison face the same financial, housing, social and health needs as other people impacted by homelessness, but also have the added difficulty in securing accommodation or employment due to criminal history.

A shortage of housing for women leaving prison can lead to women being forced to either stay in prison, face homelessness or return to a violent partner or unsafe, unsupported environment.

Mothers have additional hurdles to manage when dealing with the criminal justice system. With majority of women facing prison being mothers, there is also a large demand for parenting-specific support.

FROM NOW works to address these additional barriers for women.




Eligibility criteria

People who are eligible for the FROM NOW Program are:
• Women who are pregnant

• Mothers with or without children in their care

• Have experience of being involved in the criminal legal system

• Residing or released into the Greater Sydney area