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We're here for you
Stopping Gender Stereotypes Starts With Us

The All In Program

A whole-of-service project that equips you with the knowledge, confidence and skills to challenge gender roles and stereotypes that impact children in your care.


ALL IN is a whole-of-service project that equips early childhood educators, leaders, centre directors and families with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to actively challenge rigid, harmful gender roles and stereotypes. Building on early years prevention approaches, ALL IN offers the unique opportunity to explore how children’s play, language, resources, and storytelling can promote positive messages about gender, inclusion, and respectful relationships. In turn, this will work to empower early childhood staff and families to challenge and change gender stereotypes together.

What does All In offer?


The ALL IN team will also provide online follow-up sessions for educators, leadership teams and families. The online sessions will be a forum for questions, further learning opportunities and discussion. The project team will host check-ins and tailored support to ensure gender equality practices are embedded within curriculum.


This workshop will be an introduction to gender equality and stereotypes demonstrating how they affect all children and our society. The families workshop will include specific scenario-based coaching on changes to language, environments, and positive role modelling to promote gender equality.


Resources promoting gender equality and respectful relationships will be provided to educators, children and families throughout the project. This will include workshop materials, gender equity assessments tools for individuals, service providers and learning environments as well as resources to be used within the centre program and at home with families and children.

What does this mean for me as an educator?

Educators and leadership teams will be offered vital support and resources including: 

• 3x 2hr in-person workshops. 
• Fortnightly online reflection sessions. 
• Specific scenario-based coaching. 
• Resources for childhood centres and educators promoting gender equality and the key ways to foster and engage in respectful relationships  


Family specific workshops and support for promoting safety and security of children to achieve quality outcomes.


Support educators to reflect and review educational pedagogy and curriculum to promote gender equality within learning environments.


Rights of the Child - supporting children to be engaged, informed and capable members or society.