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We're Here For You

We're here for you
Give the gift of choice.

Festive Season Gift Card Appeal

Gift cards give women the autonomy to decide what they need for themselves and their children this festive season.

Why gift cards?

All too often, the situations and factors that lead women to WAGEC are outside of their control. That's why we're giving women and their families autonomy this festive season.

By purchasing and donating a gift card, you can support women to take their control back. Gift cards allow women in refuge to choose a gift for themselves or purchase presents they know their children will enjoy. The festive season can be a hard time for families in WAGEC accommodation, but having control over what they gift each other restores a sense of normalcy, independence and joy.

It's the little things, like choosing your own toys or pyjamas, that can make a big difference in the day-to-day life of women and families in refuge.

To get involved, purchase a gift card from an approved retailer, and drop it off or email it through to us before the 8th of December.

Give the gift of choice this festive season.


Purchase a gift card of $25 or more from one of the approved retailers listed below. Please note, we can only accept gift cards purchased from the retailers on this list.


Drop off your physical gift cards at WAGEC's Redfern Office before December 8th. To arrange a drop off time, please email


Email your digital gift cards to before December 8th. Make sure you include your name and organisation (if applicable) in your email.


We can accept gift cards from Coles, Woolworths, Kmart, Target, BigW, Event Cinemas and Hoyts.

Thank you for supporting women and families this festive season.