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About Us

The People Behind WAGEC

We're the women supporting women.

Where WAGEC Began

Our Roots

It took one of our own. It took a woman.

To understand how the system was failing. To find those who had fallen through the cracks. To provide both practical support and the genuine, lasting empathy that can only come from lived experience.

Jeannie Devine was that woman. She scoured the city, street-by- street, finding the women in crisis that everyone else had turned away. She sheltered them, and guided them – turning the pain of her past into a catalyst for improving the future of her sisters.

40 years later, Jeannie continues that work. But she doesn’t do it alone. Because Jeannie taught us a lesson, the lesson that forms the foundation of our grassroots organisation:
it takes a woman.

That’s who we are. We’re the women.

We’re the women listening to women. We’re the women standing up for women. We’re the women working for women.

We’re the women supporting women in crisis.

We’re the Women’s & Girls’ Emergency Centre. But you can call us WAGEC.

Our story in two minutes

What we do

Women’s and Girls’ Emergency Centre (WAGEC) is a non-government, not-for-profit charitable organisation that delivers a range of crisis and early intervention accommodation and support services to women, children and young people, and families who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness and/or domestic and family violence.