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A place of refuge & joy: End Of Year Disco


Published on December 8, 2022

A home is a place where we seek refuge, find comfort, safety, support and the freedom to enjoy our time and surroundings. It also serves to foster connection and community between those living together.   

Fifteen families call WAGEC’ refuge home and it's the way that we use this shared space that builds its' unique character, from the inside out.  

Last week WAGEC hosted an end of year family disco at our refuge to celebrate the close of the year and invite families living on-site to connect and enjoy the company of one another.... with the bonus of festive cheer! True to the spirit of festive season, the night involved dancing, dress ups, disco balls, lights and delicious food to accompany.   

With oftentimes difficult circumstances bringing families to WAGEC refuge, a shared celebration invites women and children to feel at home, introduce fun and play into a familiar environment and set the stage for a strong and warm community-driven year ahead come 2023. The disco allowed both staff and families to simply be with one another on a human centric, dignity driven level, enhancing the wellbeing of our staff and clients individually and in relation to one another.  

The women and families at the refuge told staff that they were very happy to have attended, including one mum who initially insisted that she did not want to attend, yet had a host of wonderful feedback following the event. Each of the staff in attendance were also showering glowing reviews for days to come. This is what makes a home truly home.