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Meet Olive


Published on December 20, 2023

Olive loved her quiet little townhouse nestled in the back streets of Glebe.

She loved that it was just a few doors down from the house she grew up in and across the street from the school she went to as a girl. It was her neighbourhood, and no matter what happened in life, she knew she had a place to come back to that felt just like home.

Over the years, Olive took great care to fill the house with things that made her happy. There were always freshly cut flowers on the table, the shelves were stacked with her favourite books and the pantry full of tea and biscuits.

Of all the rooms, the study was her favourite. She spent most of her days in there, sat at the piano or playing the saxophone, filling her home with music.

The neighbours loved to hear her steady stream of song – except on Saturday mornings when she taught the little ones how to play violin.

Olive loved having company around and her door was always open for a cuppa – until she had to leave her home behind.

When Olive’s landlord raised the rent, she had no choice but to leave. She tried her best to find a rental she could afford, but her medication and groceries were getting so expensive. With her limited means, everything was out of reach. Olive packed away her books and a lifetime of memories, only to find she had nowhere to move them to.

She sold her piano and gave away her violin – but she couldn’t bear to part with her saxophone. She may have to leave her home, but she couldn’t bear to leave her music.

Olive lives in crisis accommodation at WAGEC now, while the case workers help her figure out what to do. She is glad to have a roof over her head, but she can’t shake the homesick feeling in her gut.

One day, she hopes that she can go back home.  

*Name has been changed for privacy.

This time of year isn't joyous for everyone.  Donate so women like Olive can have a safe place to stay. Your support will help women and children live safely in WAGEC’s refuge.