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CEO Update

By Helen Silvia

Published on November 2, 2020

Dear Friends,

As we lead into the final months of the year, it is important we take time to pause and reflect on all that has changed throughout the year. We know that the impacts of this year have been difficult for many, especially for those experiencing domestic and family violence and homelessness; crises only compound the experiences of those most vulnerable in our community.

 This past month of October was Mental Health Awareness Month and the theme was 'tune in.' At WAGEC we took part in the awareness campaign by posting across our social platforms and offering workshops and resources to our staff and clients.  Although November marks the end of Mental Health Awareness Month, I encourage everyone to continue to 'tune in' to their mental health and support those in community.

 Reclaim the Night also happened this last Friday, 30th October, with community members either joining together at the steps of Town Hall and marching through Sydney CBD or tuning into Facebook's Live Stream coverage, to protest gender violence. Reclaim the Night is a worldwide movement and annual rally in Sydney, that protests violence against women and non-binary people in all its forms. In this year alone, 40 women have been murdered, women’s shelters have been overwhelmed and our government continues to ignore the systemic injustices women in crisis face. The rally is designed so that women and non-binary people can take back spaces that have previously been unsafe for them. It was a privilege to speak on the night and march in solidarity with the rest of our community.

 Please continue to look out for one another, stay safe and take care.