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We're Here For You

We're here for you

Driving social change with Stella Insurance


Published on July 28, 2022

Welcome to our donation’s room, which is full of essential items for women, children and families thanks to the WAGEC Community and support from Stella Insurance.

This year, Stella Insurance has donated $5 from every insurance policy sold to WAGEC to help fund our Donations Program, which provides material goods to women and children who have experienced homelessness, domestic violence and social disadvantage. In the last year, we have collected and distributed over $400,000 in material aid and supported over 1200 women and children at WAGEC.

There is a significant amount of work that happens behind the scenes to ensure that women and children receive these items, including efforts from the community, WAGEC staff and WAGEC volunteers who ensure that donations are collected, organised, and distributed to crisis refuges from their drop off point in Redfern.

A big thank you to Stella Insurance who donated over $35,000 this financial year and have been supporting WAGEC now for over two years to drive social change for our shared communities. Together we are on the road to supporting women and families who have experienced homelessness and domestic violence and we are grateful to Stella Insurance, their team and their customers who are making this possible.