Published on May 1, 2021

"I feel so respected. To have something new, something that is just mine that no one else has used, it feels so lucky."

This was what one woman said about Thread Together's recent visit to our families refuge last week with their mobile wardrobe. Thread Together has partnered with WAGEC's ACCESS Program. Driven by WAGEC's strengths based approach, both Thread Together and WAGEC'S ACCESS Program, are committed to promoting confidence and creating sense of dignity among the women who live at our crisis accommodation sites. Seven women received new outfits for themselves and their children. One woman commented on what a lovely day it was sitting in the sun, trying on clothes and new outfits and being able to give their children the new school shoes or outfits they usually wouldn't be able to afford.

"I’m so glad I came today. It was lovely sitting out in the sun with all the other mums, talking and laughing. And I went home with some clothes for me and my boy. Today is a good day."

"Oh my gosh, today is the best day. My boy asks for these shoes at the shops but they cost so much money, I have to say no all the time. He looks sad. Then this bus and the lovely ladies come and on the table are the same shoes, and in perfect size for my boy. I am over the moon and so very very happy. I cannot wait to surprise him when he comes home from school today. This will be the best day ever for him. I cannot wait to see his face. I got some lovely clothes for my children and myself, but these shoes for him, WOW!”

With the recent cuts to Job Keeper and other government payments, access to basic needs and financial independence is expected to only become harder for women living in crisis. This is why services like Thread Together couldn't be more important.

A big thank you to the team from Thread Together and our ACCESS Project Manager Carly for organising such an incredible day.

For more information about Thread Together, click here!