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Life in the Refuge


Published on August 28, 2019

Over the last several months, kids at our families accommodations have quite truly been bringing the backyard to life during their Garden Club. Planting seeds is only the start at Garden Club: during this time, our staff talk to the kids about the importance of nurturing the plants, and speaking kindly to them so that they have the support they need to grow.

This has been a time for our children and young people to socialise, learn and grow together.


Zahra, our Child and Young Person Case Manager, talks about how popular Garden Club has been: “One child, aged 6, said he wishes Garden Club was on every day. Recently, children have been trying to make their own compost bin to be able to feed the plants and grow big! Staff have watched as children create friendships as a result of the garden club and look forward to participating together in a group to make their backyard garden beautiful.”

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