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Supporter Spotlight - Meet The Run For Good Project


Published on May 16, 2020

Meet Ren from the Run for Good Project!

Introduce yourself! Who are you and how did you hear about WAGEC?

Ben and I started The Run for Good Project together last year to bring together a community of people who move together to do social good. We started out primarily as a running group but quickly realised that we wanted to include as many people as possible in our community. We aim to connect our Good Runners to local grassroots organisations that help people in need and address important social issues in our society. For each project that we run, we ask people to either raise funds, donate goods or volunteer their time. Most importantly we encourage ongoing involvement and future support of these social enterprises.

 What does community mean to you?

For us community means being part of something, contributing, looking out for one another and forming a sense of belonging. This means that we can move together to do social good as a community of friends. 

 What strengths did you bring to the WAGEC community? How did you offer support?

Our  “Power of Petals " project  was centred around Mothers Day, buying flowers for mum whilst donating the profits to help women and children in need. We brought together our good runners  to help design, write cards, wrap and deliver flowers all over Sydney. We delivered over 130 bunches of tulips to mums, and special friends last Sunday. Our mission was to not only bring joy to those women but to raise awareness of the important work being done by the wonderful people at The Womens and Girls Emergency Centre.

What is something you are grateful for amidst these uncertain times?

Working together to deliver this project was a huge team effort, but it was a joyous day full of colour and laughter. We are so grateful for our community of Good Runners.