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WAGEC X STELLA Partnership Announcement


Published on February 11, 2021


Gender inequality creates the social context in which violence against women occurs. 1 in 4 Australian women have experienced physical or sexual violence from a current or former partner since the age of 15. This means 1 in 4 women in your workforce, your professional networks and your wider communities of friends, family and peers have experienced some form of violence from an intimate partner.

Shifting this social context through education, support and empowerment is the foundation of WAGEC and Stella Insurance’s new partnership. Through the use of Our Watch’s Change the Story framework, together we will use our influence and resources to promote messages and initiatives that challenge the acceptance of gender-based violence and support greater social and economic equality. By joining communities, amplifying our voices and creating meaningful change, together the partnership hopes to model that we all, no matter our place or industry of work, have a role to play in ending gender-based violence.

Gender equality may be an unusual proposition to put at the core of your business, especially a car insurance business, but it was this shared vision that made partnering with Stella an easy decision. Stella Insurance was founded by CEO Sam White who from the age of 24 had her sights set on building businesses that work for everyone: the people they employ, the communities they operate with and the customers they service. Sam strongly believed to do this there needed to be more women involved in the creation of these businesses.

As a new business with a strong determination to be different, Stella want to drive progressive, feminist change in the [car] insurance industry. Like WAGEC, Stella is ‘for women, by women.’