Thank you Mirvac!


Published on February 3, 2022

BEFORE AND AFTER! Thank you Mirvac Residential and the team who completed a volunteer working bee at one of our transitional accommodation sites. It was no simple task with plenty of boxes, rubbish and old furniture to clear up, as well as some weeding and gardening.

The place was left spotless and has been a huge help to a mum of four who was facing a potential $1000 fine for not leaving the property empty (despite only being given a couple of days to clear it out). She had done an excellent job cleaning the place, but just didn’t have the time or resources to completely empty it. Now, this mum of four, who has been given permanent housing (YAY) can begin her next chapter debt-free. While $1000 may not be much for some people who move, it can have a huge impact and roll-on effect for someone who is overcoming homelessness.

Thank you again Mirvac Residential for your enthusiasm and dedication towards creating safe futures for women and families.