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Volunteer Spotlight


Published on August 6, 2020

A big shout out to all our amazing volunteers this month! Your support in transporting and sorting food and furniture donations, tutoring and designing activities for our children and young people, creating beautiful branded content and renovating and improving our crisis sites is so appreciated by our staff and clients. We thank you for your time, for your amazing attitudes and for continuing to turn up to support women and children in crisis. We couldn't do this work without you!

Adrian Harriott, Ally Joseph, Amy Watson, Analee Gonzalez, Angela Makreska, Angela Shin, Annie Winter, Audrey Moniz, Ayshe Sahinovic, Belinda Tilling, Bethany Laura, Bianca Brunozzi, Charlie Smith, Danni Bluston, Deb Pluym, Ella Clarke, Erin O’Brien, Ethel Karskens, Gracie Grew, Hailee Ryan, Imogen Hoffenberg, Jess Bineth, Jessica Brown, Josie Aynsely, Julie Tran, Kate Nic Dhomhnaill, Maddie Makinson, Madellen Cunningham, Millie Abernethy, Naseem Vahdani, Neha Bogati, Nina Drakalovic, Rebecca Clucas, Rebecca Endecott, Rhea Nagi, Ria Lozada, Ruby New, Sam Laporte, Saniya Karimova, Sarah Clunie, Sarah Mahony, Stella Harriss, Suzanne Voltano, Tony Voltano, Rachel Holt.