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WAGEC Artist Spotlight: Lotte Alexis


Published on February 3, 2023

Meet the creative mind behind WAGEC's feminist merch.

Artist Lotte Alexis Smith is the eyes and brain WAGEC's beautiful Join The Movement T-shirt as well as a mural at one of WAGEC's family refuge.

We chatted to Lotte about her experience working with WAGEC and her artistic creative process. Here's what she had to say:

1- What was the inspiration behind your WAGEC Join The Movement shirt?

We wanted to create an image that was striking and conveyed a sense of community in a funky stylised way. The focus of the front of the tee was to show the characters interacting, offering help to each other and the flowers for me symbolise the space WAGEC provides to women - constantly being beautified and curated to be as homey as possible for the clients.

2- What does women supporting women mean to you? 

Women supporting women to me means taking back some power from the patriarchal systems we're still stuck in. It can also be a really affirming feeling even though every woman has different experiences, it feels like building a network. The more we share and help each other is like creating a resource library for women to have access to safer, supportive spaces.

3- How do you feel when making art?

Making art for me is usually an outlet for things I can’t put words to, or a meditation on desires or deep feelings. It can feel a bit vulnerable sometimes but overall I’m so grateful my brain feels compelled to keep scribbling