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We're here for you

Weekly Community Connect Lunches: Warm Hearts & Full Bellies


Published on November 3, 2022

Last month WAGEC launched our Community Connect Lunch program; a free, weekly community lunch held every Tuesday at our Redfern support office for women in our community to come together, connect and receive support in a friendly and safe space.   

To kick off our Community lunches Nando's in Broadway generously catered a spread of their latest range of chicken, salad and chips, filling all bellies in attendance (with enough for seconds!) 

Sharmistha Bhattarai, Nando's Patrão, pictured above, was responsible for packing and making our meals with love. You might be wondering what a Patrão is? It’s Portuguese for “head of the family” and is the name given to all of Nando's Restaurant Managers as a way of honouring their role in creating community in their teams. It’s this exact concept that WAGEC’s community lunches seek to embody; one where a sense of belonging and connection is forged. Similar perhaps to an extended family.  

Community lunches have grown in size each week, with 10+ women attending last week (and counting). Meals are made by our wonderful volunteers, think a mexican fiesta or warming curry, with enviable scents wafting from the kitchen for all to indulge in. A game of jigsaw also made it's way to the table - providing joyful entertainment for all. What is your favourite game?

Thank you to our supportive volunteers and phenomenal community who make lunchtime laughter, flavoursome feasts and caring conversation possible. And this is just the beginning!