Ep 1: End gender-based violence series.


Published on November 23, 2021

Gender-based violence is a serious human rights violation impacting 1 in 3 Australian women in their lifetime. The United Nations estimates that globally 35 percent of women have experienced either physical or sexual violence. The ripple effects mean children, families, and communities are impacted too. Violence is preventable and evidence tells us that gender equality is the answer.   

This 16 Days of Activism we're urging our community to #AskTheQuestion- Why can’t I walk home at night like he does? Why are men deciding the laws that govern the bodies of women, non-binary, trans and gender diverse people? Why does he get paid more than me than we are in the same role? - and then turn to our animated five-part  'End Gender-Based Violence' series for the answer.  

Watch the first episode of our series, What is Gender-Based Violence? and share it to your own community.
Illustration and animation by Michael Mascarenas with sound design by Sonar Music.

What is gender-based violence?