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WAGEC Women - Meet Annette


Published on September 28, 2020

1. Who are you and what do you do at WAGEC?

I am currently a student on placement here at WAGEC. I am completing my final year in the Masters of Social Work after completing my undergraduate in Psychology. I have two specific roles at WAGEC. I currently work alongside the lovely Carly, WAGEC's ACCESS Project Manager. I am also working alongside the Clare, one of WAGEC's amazing case manager. My tasks range from conducting surveys and creating evaluation forms as part of the ACCESS program to assisting our clients with housing applications as part of case management support that WAGEC provides. 

2. What is a personality trait, experience or attitude you bring to your work every day. 

I'd like to describe myself as a keen bean who is eager to learn as much as she can. I believe that knowledge is power and I am very privileged to be in a work environment with such smart, brilliant and empowering women who teach me new things about the sector every day. Some people would also describe me as an easy-going person who is open to do any task that is handed to her. I love being open-minded and I appreciate any work that is given to me. No matter how simple or complex it might be, every task is a learning experience. 

3. What is something you love about working in this sector.

Growing up in Malaysia made me believe that women have a specific gendered role within society. There is a sense of disempowerment amongst the women and girls. I never felt like I was good enough. Working in the domestic violence sector has empowered me more than ever. It is such a gratifying and beautiful thing to be able to work alongside like-minded women to challenge the patriarchy and bring about genuine social change to the many disadvantaged women that we have the privileged of meeting and working with.

4. Tell us something completely random about yourself!

I used to be twice my size! I'm definitely a fitness-freak. If you see me around the office, you will probably hear me talk about how sore my legs are or how excited I am to have my famous tuna salad for lunch (it's famous because I have it every day).