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Meet Sonny


Published on December 12, 2023

Every Wednesday after school, Sonny* went to swimming lessons at the local pool. It was his favourite part of the week. He loved to splash around with his friends and sometimes his Mum would even take him to get ice cream afterwards.

But everything changed when his Mum showed up at school with a packed bag and his little sister in tow, a few days before his sixth birthday.

Now the three of them live in WAGEC accommodation, at a house for mums and kids like them.  

It was scary at first, moving into a new room in a new house, in a place he had never been before. He cried a lot in the beginning. So did his Mum, especially when his little sister asked about Dad. It was a big change for all of them but things have been getting better every day.  

It’s been a few weeks now, and Sonny and his sister have just started at a new school. Sonny really likes his teacher because she teaches him lots about dinosaurs. 

After school, Sonny's Mum has started teaching him Dharug language. Mum said it's so he can grow up to be a strong Dharug man and keep connected to his land. It's hard learning another language, but Sonny is proud to be part of Dharug mob just like her.

One day he wants to speak it like his Mum can. He's been practicing every day and when he talks to his Aunties and Uncles he tells them all the words he has learnt. He gets to talk to them more now they aren't living with Dad. He hopes one day he can see all of them again.

It's hard most days living in refuge, sharing a room with Mum and his sister. 

Sometimes, especially on Wednesday afternoons, Sonny finds himself feeling sad. He misses seeing his old friends and going to swimming lessons, but he feels safe now - and he can tell his Mum does too.  

*Name has been changed for privacy.

Not every home is a safe one. Donate so children like Sonny can live free from violence this festive season.