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A clear vision in sight: What's happening in our refuges?


Published on November 23, 2022

A big thank you to NSW Dental and Mobile Eyes who visited WAGEC’s refuge to provide free dental and vision checks to the women and children living in our crisis refuges. 

This initiative is one of many taking place as part of WAGEC’s SEED Program, which supports the social, emotional, educational and developmental needs of children, young people and their careers. Other programs that the SEED team facilitate at the crisis refuge include therapeutic programs, tutoring and homework help, and case management to children and young people.  

Trusty dental nurses from NSW Dental, spent their morning giving ten of WAGEC's carers and fourteen of the children growing up in WAGEC's refuge vital dental services that left all grinning.  

Access to non-Medicare services is a major barrier to the women and families living in our crisis accommodation sites and as recent studies have shown, dental issues are among the top 10 causes of burden when it comes to health of young boys and girls aged 5-14 years old (AIHW, 2021). Healthy teeth on the other hand mean we can eat, interact and express ourselves without pain, discomfort or embarrassment.  

The same level of importance goes for our eyes. With eye care being another non-Medicare service, it gives us great pleasure to report that we were able to provide six carers and nine children living at WAGEC’s crisis refuge access to vision services. And what's more, four families were given free sets of glasses. See some stylish shades below....  

We are grateful to NSW Dental, Mobile Eyes and our supporters who make it possible for us to facilitate activities like this one within our SEED Program and look forward to continuing to deliver essential programs alongside our generous community.