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Canva Design Stories: Here for Her


Published on July 9, 2021

In October 2019, WAGEC’s brand was designed and completed by creative agency For The People. It marked an exciting new chapter in WAGEC’S history and identity and created a platform to advocate for social change and amplify the needs and stories of our clients, staff and community.

“Using our brand and having it inextricably linked with our values, our feminist leadership model and our collective ethical stance, that we have developed, has actually really amplified what we do and how we do it.” – Helen Silvia, WAGEC CEO.

As a grass roots, not for profit, the brand gave us the tools so that our voice could be heard. However, to be an effective tool, that was scalable and accessible to everyone regardless of their design knowledge, we turned to Canva Not for Profit. Canva allows anyone in the organisation to collaboratively create communications to be used throughout our sites.

“It allows the case managers and staff across WAGEC to be super collaborative with our work. It also allows us to have a central location for all our past designs, our templates and so regardless of who is using it, they can see previous work that has been done or they can even take previous work and repurpose it for something new.” – Rebecca Cini, WAGEC Creative/Advocacy Lead.


Canva has empowered us to continue to grow the brand in exciting and innovative ways where everyone in the organisation can be involved. This collaboration is what Canva captured in their latest Design Stories episode ‘Here for Her.’

Watch below to see how our WAGEC teams use Canva to empower and advocate for safe futures for women and families.

Canva Design Stories: 'Here For Her' profiling Women's and Girls' Emergency Centre