Supporter Spotlight: Chloe Rose Gauntlett


Published on April 5, 2022

Meet the wonderful Chloe Rose who has been fundraising for WAGEC by bringing together her boxing and exercise community! We can't thank you enough Chloe Rose for your activism, dedication and support!

Tell us about yourself! Who are you and how did you first hear about WAGEC?

My name is Chloe Rose and I am a passionate Women’s boxing coach. I moved from my hometown in London to Redfern/Surry Hills in Sydney in 2019. I have been surrounded by boxing since a young age as my Dad was a professional boxer and coach. When I became a women’s coach, I found I not only taught boxing technique but quickly saw the impact that learning to box had on women’s confidence and personal strength too. 

Chloe Rose and her Dad.

What inspired you to support WAGEC?

Experiences I have been exposed to in the past led me to have an innate priority to help others in vulnerable situations. WAGEC work close to where I live and I do not want anyone around me to be suffering with no means of escape.

What is your number one fundraising tip?

I invite as many people as possible to stay active with me! There is always such an amazing energy when people are exercising in order to help others. I always remind people of the purpose and that makes them work even harder. 

What does community mean to you?

Community is everything to me. I am a very open book and love to talk to others. I like to think I am open for people to confide in me if they need additional support, rather than only being their boxing coach. 

Chloe and her boxing team.