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Here For You


Published on July 8, 2020

An interactive resource to help you navigate information about domestic violence.

One of the biggest challenges for the community during the Covid-19 crisis is women’s increased risk of experiencing domestic and family violence. Women, more so than normal times, might be reluctant to leave violent situations in the home because of the uncertainty in the community. Social distancing restrictions also mean there is a potential for violence to escalate and for coercive control or surveillance to occur in the home. Environments like these make it even more challenging for women to access the support services they need.

 WAGEC, with the help of our supporters, was able to take proactive steps in mitigating these risks and offering support to women through the design and implementation of Here For You.

 Here For You is an interactive resource to help you navigate information about domestic and family violence. Designed for both victims of domestic and family violence and for those supporting someone experiencing violence in the home, the project is made up of two distinct parts.

 Part one is an interactive resource, located in the bottom, right hand corner of the already existing Women’s and Girls Emergency Centre website. It acts like a chat and is designed to guide and direct you to the right information about domestic violence for your individual situation.

 Part two is a frequently asked question page designed to:

-        Answer the important questions you may have about your situation.

-        Provide information about healthy and unhealthy relationships.

-        Support you if you are thinking of leaving the relationship or home.

If you have any feedback about the resource, we would love to hear your suggestions. Please do not hesitate to get in touch via: info@wagec.org.au