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Herstory is Truth: Meet Georgia


Published on November 2, 2020

Who are you and what do you do at WAGEC?

My name is Georgia Mantle I am a Social Work student from The University of Sydney currently completing my final placement at WAGEC. I am working as a case manager in the Women’s team supporting women on their journeys to gain safe and secure housing.

What is a personality trait, experience, or attitude you bring to your work every day.

I am a passionate activist and community organiser which is a passion that I bring to my work at WAGEC and is the reason I wanted to become a social worker.

Outside my time at WAGEC I work alongside different community groups to organise social justice campaigns that fight for structural change and for the rights of marginalised people within our community. My commitment to social justice and my experience as a political organiser have greatly shaped my developing social work practice. WAGEC has been an incredible organisation for me to channel my passions for social justice and activism as an organisation that understands the importance of political change alongside its client centred case management work.

What is something you love about working in this sector.

What I love about working in this sector is the incredible women that I am privileged to work alongside. Throughout my placement at WAGEC I have been able to play a small role in the lives of the women that enter our service. I feel incredibly lucky to support women in their journeys. Working with women in a feminist organisation is such a unique and special experience that I loved throughout my time at WAGEC.

Tell us something completely random about yourself!

I love embroidery. My passion for political movements collides with embroidery as I use sewing to cannel my frustrations and create art to share with my community.