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All Of You Group Work


Published on July 27, 2021

Last week we finished up our second round of the All of You Group Work, an eight-week program offered to women in our crisis refuges.

The program provides women with a safe space to learn, listen, share and work through their own experiences of interpersonal relationships. Centred around the recovery of trauma, the program focuses on supporting a client to contextualise and process their lived experiences as well as develop helpful tools and resources to nurture their capacities to live in the present. 

Facilitated by WAGEC’s in-house Clinical Registrar Psychologist, the program is equally lead and driven by the needs of the women. The group work setting provides a beautiful opportunity for the women we support to share their experiences, connect on a plane of equality, relieve shame and build confidence. 

Throughout the 8-weeks, the group worked through areas of mindfulness, impacts of violence, healthy relationships and communication. For some women, it was the first time they had connected with the other women in the refuge about their experience of domestic and family violence, for others, the group work created a safe space to just listen and learn about strategies for recovery. Here are what some of the women shared in our feedback session: 

“I found the exercise where we talked about what healthy relationships look like, and our personal expectations of a healthy relationships really helpful. It allowed me to look at different relationships from my past and see them in a new light.”

“I have had some obstacles and setback that would normally send me in a tailspin, I remembered my learning with mindfulness and after partaking in some breathing, I was able to listen better and reframe the issues.” 

“The mindfulness the standout for me but also I have recognised so many things about myself and those around me.”

“A massive thank you for all involved in the sessions and behind! I hope you know it changed me! I am grateful.”

We can’t wait to continue the program so that WAGEC can continue to support more women in their recovery from trauma journey.

A special thank you to the Hare Family whose support made this program possible.