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Supporter Spotlight - Meet Team Antipodes


Published on May 20, 2020

Primary Prevention Call to Action

In 2019 we had the pleasure of meeting Liz and Marijke, two inspiring women with a passion for sailing and the shared belief that every woman and child is entitled to a peaceful and protective environment.

“We feel that domestic violence and women’s and children’s homelessness are important causes to support. WAGEC provides vulnerable women and children with the support they need, which is more vital than ever due to COVID-19.”

Liz, Marijke and the team started planning their trip on sailing vessel, the ‘Antipodes’, owned by Liz and Greg Newton, to raise awareness of WAGEC’s work to support women and children experiencing homelessness and domestic and family violence.

On the 8th August 2020, the Antipodes Sailing Team will commence a 90 day journey of 3,000 nautical miles from Sydney to Lizard Island and back, raising awareness of and a fundraising target of $10,000 for WAGEC programs. We are excited to follow along and support their journey every nautical ‘step’ of the way!

What can you tell us about your sailing trip and sailing team?

The sailing team will comprise the boat’s regular racing crew plus other keen sailors.  Most of the crew have been competing at both club and offshore racing level for many years in such events as Sydney to Hobart, Sail Port Stephens, Sydney to Gold Coast, Sydney to Lord Howe, Pittwater to Coffs Harbour, Hamilton Island Race Week and many more.  As a result, we have rarely had a chance to explore our magnificent coastline as we race past it. 

This time around we plan to have a leisurely trip from Sydney to Lizard Island and back, a round trip in excess of 3000 nautical miles over 90 days.  There will be 8 legs to the adventure – Sydney to Mooloolaba (7 days), Mooloolaba to Rosslyn Bay (12 days), Roslyn Bay to the Whitsundays (10 days) and Whitsundays to Lizard Island (16 days), and then return.  Some of the crew will be doing all or most of the legs while others will just be joining us for one or two depending on their availability.

We will be at sea for many nights but will take every opportunity to stay overnight at ports and anchorages along the way where we’ll be wearing our WAGEC shirts to promote the great cause.

Why did you decide to use this opportunity to fundraise for WAGEC?

We are all very fortunate in having the time, ability and funds to take on this adventure and feel that we should use the opportunity to support those less fortunate than ourselves.  In the past we have supported a number of worthy causes including Fred Hollows, RSPCA and Deaf Children.  This time around we feel that we’d like to support a cause which has a lower profile in the community and hence less an ability to raise support. [The sailing trip will be] a great platform to use while creating awareness to the greater community and supporting those less fortunate than ourselves.

Was there anything in particular that made you want to fundraise for WAGEC?

WAGEC enables women and children the support they need in times of crisis with essentials such as finding safe accommodation and assistance, which if vital for everyone’s needs. As WAGEC is lesser known in our community I personally felt it a great cause to support and with that WAGEC gains valuable recognition.

Why do you feel that domestic violence and women’s and children’s homelessness are important causes to support?

It is vital to support women and children who find themselves in an environment that is threatening and often with no end in sight and much of which is suffered in silence. A stable and caring environment where women and children can grow and have their needs met in times of crisis and ongoing threat of violence and instability, is a core issue for families and especially women and children in times of stress.

About the crew

All of the crew have various hobbies and you can learn more about them and their journey on the Antipodes Everydayhero Page.

Thank you!

We’d like to extend our appreciation to Liz, Marijke, Greg and the entire team for choosing to support women and families in our community and for making WAGEC a part of their journey. Community is everything to us at WAGEC, and we could not do what we do without passion, commitment and support like this. Thank you Antipodes, we are so excited to see what’s to come!

Want to be involved?

If you’d like to support the team on their exciting endeavour, you can make a donation here.

Feeling inspired by the Antipodes Team?  Click here learn about ways you can start your own fundraising journey for WAGEC!