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Mel's Story


Published on August 1, 2019

Mel’s* childhood was tumultuous. Her father was physically and verbally abusive toward her. At 16, she moved to a youth accommodation. When she turned 18, she had to find a new place to go and began couch surfing. Not only was she moving from one place to another, Mel became pregnant during this time and shortly after had to undergo major surgery for a burst appendix, which had caused her to miscarry.

This is when Mel’s youth worker referred her to WAGEC. We were able to offer a safe space in our shared transitional accommodation for single women, and provided Mel with some basic items like food vouchers and toiletries. With a roof over her head, Mel has been able to turn her life around: full of ambition, she is studying and establishing a career path. WAGEC continues to help Mel in every way we can to prevent the cycle of violence from recurring. By supporting her studies and career, our aim is to assist Mel as she builds a stable and safe future for herself.

*name has been changed for privacy.