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What Will You Do?


Published on September 30, 2019

We know it’s disheartening to hear about the many incidents of domestic violence and women and families who are facing homelessness in our communities. We certainly feel discouraged at times. This is why we encourage you to take steps that will help to prevent violence against women and their kids from occurring in the first place.

Whether you have kids, nieces, nephews or simply wish to make the world safer for children and young people in our communities, we urge you to get in touch with schools near you and find out whether they are delivering Love Bites and encourage them to implement the program if they haven’t already.

This month we want to tell you more about work being done by the National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN). NAPCAN has developed Love Bites, which is a Respectful Relationships Education Program for young people aged 15-17 years old. It consists of interactive workshops aiming to provide young people with a safe environment to examine, discuss and explore respectful relationships.

If you would like more information about Love Bites and how to explain the program to others, check out these resources developed by NAPCAN:

Letter about Love Bites for schools - click here
Letter about Love Bites for parents - click here
More information on NAPCAN: https://www.napcan.org.au/about-us/