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Supporter Spotlight - Luke Howlin


Published on October 16, 2020

What does community mean to you?

The more I thought about this question the more I realized that the community I’m most grateful for is one where many of the members don’t even know each other. All of my secret supporters who – between them – are the invisible guard rails of my health, career, and morality.

What strengths did you bring to the WAGEC community? How did you offer support?

Brawn, baldness, and the ability to hang the heck out of a picture.

What is something you are grateful for?

My mother, who overcame her own trauma whilst managing an amazing career, a diverse set of interests and skills, and two boys – all with very little support.

What inspired you to volunteer with WAGEC?

Everyone at WAGEC has a practical, solutions-oriented mindset. The team are self-aware enough to know when to make a decision, and brave enough to learn from and forgive mistakes. I make a lot of mistakes so I am particularly grateful for this quality.

Do you have any highlights of volunteering with WAGEC? If so, what are they?

Hearing the little ones at Jeannie’s call me ‘Bob the Builder’ was pretty darn cute.

What is the typical day in the life of a volunteer

Most of my volunteering is general maintenance, but it’s funny how specific general maintenance can get! When deciding to fix, build, or install something the first step is working out how it’s going to be used – thankfully the comprehensive knowledge of the case workers and the patience of my supervisor make this an easy task. Once that’s done its usually pretty easy journey to choosing the right tool and working together to make it happen.

What is something not many people know about you (e.g. fun fact)?

I started my career as a comedy writer, but sadly had to give it up because I wasn’t funny.