Supporter Spotlight: Mel McDacy


Published on December 14, 2021

Meet Mel, an incredible WAGEC fundraiser! Mel shaved her hair last month and raised the phenomenal amount of $3200 for WAGEC. We can't thank her enough for her contribution towards creating safe futures for women and children.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you supported WAGEC.

I’m a uni student (currently studying fashion) and a proud feminist! I love fitness and wellness, and that’s mostly how I occupy my time.

What inspired you to support WAGEC.

I wanted to support a feminist organisation that was making some real change. I decided to support a women’s emergency centre because that’s a critical area that supports women in crisis situations. I did some research and loved what WAGEC was all about in all aspects. WAGEC supports women that are socially disadvantaged and assists in bridging that gap. For me that’s something that stood out and made me choose WAGEC. 

What does community mean to you?

Community means to me creating a safe space for people to truely express themselves. Community is based on equality, love, and respect. It is crucial that everyone’s voices are heard, and that those that aren’t born with the privilege of loud voices are given microphones. 

Whats your number 1 fundraising tip?

My number 1 fundraising tip is to have a driver for your fundraiser, for me it was shaving my head but it could be lolly bags, posting a funny photo, etc. (anything really!) I think it creates more engagement in the fundraising process and therefore a more successful sum.

Photo of Mel on Instagram live.
Photo of Mel with her saved head.