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Supporter Spotlight - Meet Tanami


Published on June 2, 2020

Meet Tanami

Introduce yourself! Who are you and how did you hear about WAGEC?

Hi! My name is Tanami and I’m the volunteer psychologist with WAGEC. Women’s issues have been a passion for me since I was in school and I am in a fortunate place in my career where I can give my time to support this passion. I started researching organisations that support women in the Sydney area and found WAGEC that way! 

What does community mean to you?

Community is an integral part of wellbeing - humans are social beings and living a fulfilled existence is best achieved with the support of a community around us! To me, community is a way of healing, a way of feeling connected and a means to progress as a whole society. 


What strengths did you bring to the WAGEC community? How did you offer support?

I’m a psychologist currently working in Private Practice but with experience in NFP settings, school settings and corporate settings. The support that I’m offering is free psychological services to those women who are most at need but with limited opportunity for access. 


What is something you are grateful for amidst these uncertain times?

I am immensely grateful for my family and friends. Also remaining connected with my meditation practice and art has provided me with a sense of grounded-ness in these uncertain times.