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Life In the Refuge


Published on August 6, 2020

This month we are proud to announce some exciting new initiatives that have been happening in our women's team!

First with news from our crisis accommodation for single women where St Vincent's Health Network Sydney have partnered with WAGEC to offer a fortnightly health clinic for the women living in the refuge. The outreach team will be visiting the refuge for two hours on a Friday to provide basic health checkups, prescriptions and mental health support. We are so grateful for this new service which is set to begin this Friday! 

The second exciting initiative is a monthly dinner meet up held at our transitional accommodation. Community, feeling connected and checking in with each other has never been more important than during the time of Covid-19. The monthly dinners, which have been happening for two months now with great success and turnout, have been an amazing opportunity to nurture and respond to these needs.