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WAGEC Women - Meet Elise and Ange


Published on August 31, 2019

One bit of news that we can hardly wait to share is that one of our team, Elise, has just welcomed a little bub into the world! We are all delighted for Elise who gave birth to Amelie Liv Povey on 16th July, 2019. We send our warmest wishes to Elise and her family during her maternity leave.

We are also thrilled to welcome Ange to our team who is doing a remarkable job filling the WAGEC Admin shoes in Elise’s absence.

As two key members of our team, we wanted to give you the chance to meet both these women as we say our temporary goodbyes to Elise and warmly welcome Ange on board!

What do you do at WAGEC?

Elise: I’m the Administration Coordinator here at WAGEC. It’s quite a varied role – I’m the ‘go-to’ person in our back office here at Redfern, I manage donations, pull together events and volunteer days, and anything else that gets thrown my way!


What inspired you to start working with WAGEC?

Ange: I’m inspired to help others, in particularly for an organisation where women empower women. I also love how WAGEC brings a local and personalised service to the community. We’re a group of strong, compassionate modern Amazonians, therefore I am inspire by the women at WAGEC!


What is your favourite part of working for WAGEC?

Elise: I love the women that I work with – smart, funny, progressive, and all doing incredible work for the community day in, day out.


What do you like to do to relax and have fun outside of work?

Ange: I love to cook and be surrounded by friends and family. I grew up with a Vietnamese heritage, therefore social gatherings regularly revolve around food. Besides being a foodie, I practice yoga to balance mind, body and spirit.

Is there anything else you want people to know about you?

Ange: I’ve travelled to over 60 cities around the world while working on cruise ships

Elise: I’m a musician and have played guitar and piano most of my life. I also play the violin (badly). I write cinematic instrumental music, and my work has been released in Australia, Japan and the UK. I also spent several years touring around London and Australia. With a bubba on the way, I’m now shifting my focus to writing music for tv/film.